Ms Kameshwari Jayapragas

Ms Kameshwari Jayapragas
Project Head
Ms Kameshwari has been a Business Advisor with SME Centre@SICCI for six years and she holds a Bachelor Degree in Communications.

She has met over a 1000 SMEs and is able to instantly understand the day-to-day challenges in the Operational, Marketing, Financial Management and Human Resource areas of any company. Beyond identifying opportunities for her clients to improve their productivity and innovation, she does place focus on helping micro and small businesses to break out of their comfort zone, push them to think out-of-the-box and achieve goals through creative marketing and initiatives.

Through marketing diagnostics, she assists SME owners to demystify their own business and identify challenges and opportunities that’s within their financial reach and capabilities. Apart from business advisory, she also organises Capability Workshops with her team to provide a learning platform for SMEs to continuously gain knowledge and keep them up-to-date with key trends and information.

Prior to working as a Business Advisor with SME Centre@SICCI, she was in Public Relations handling PR projects for Google, Cisco and PayPal.