Company Name:
Iconic Wines Singapore Pte Ltd

Iconic Wines Singapore Pte Ltd is a wine distribution business since 2011. Mr Steven informed that they specialise in Spanish wines which they distribute to Asia including Thailand.

Iconic Wines Pte Ltd wanted to change their business model from B2B to B2C. However, they did not know what to do or how to go about doing so. They were currently distributing Spanish wines in Asia and they would market their wines through wine pairing dinners. Most sales were done by word of mouth. They intended to expand their market by introducing E-commerce to their business so that they can sell their wines online and thus this way, they can reach mass market.

SME Centre Business Advisor Ms Karpagam advised Mr Steven on EDG as he was looking at branding and transforming their business model for their business. He informed that they have been in business for 5 years and they are now looking at branding to make better profits. Walked Mr Steven through his proposal for the application of EDG and followed throughout the application process. Eventually, Mr Steven was awarded EDG for branding and marketing he was given the Letter of Offer by ESG.




Company Name:
CS Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd

CS Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2008 and they provide professional consultancy services in building engineering, architectural design, project management and project feasibility studies. The clients faces competition with other engineering consultants. Their employees needed to be trained in keeping personal data of their clients safely. The business lacked leadership and commitment; arising from poorly defined and miscommunicated roles, responsibilities and authorities.

Business Advisor Gunalan met up with business owner and informed them on Data Protection Trust Mark Certification where the framework upholds resilience in the company and provide assurance to their major clients. Gunalan also recommended Enterprise Development Grant to support their consultancy and certification fees to help defray the cost.

With the right advise from Gunalan, CS Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd trained their employees to be aware of DPTM requirements; so that they can assist the business units to identify areas for improvements and progressively strengthen the DPTM , as well as ensure they remain abreast of changing threats and business requirements. Thus DPTM certification demonstrates to CS Consulting’s customers that the organization has robust data protection and loss prevention policies and practices which will safeguard the business and its client’s personal data and confidential information. This enhanced CS Consulting’s reputation, build trust and foster confidence in their clients. This ensures that the business establishes and maintains a sustainable business competitive-edge both locally and overseas.


Company Name:
Greenology Pte. Ltd.

Greenology Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in 2008 by founder Mr Veera. The company provides sustainable greenery solutions services in Singapore. The company had reached out to SME Centre@SICCI and our Business Advisor had met them to discuss their HR capabilities, growth plans which included expanding into international markets.

As the company grows and expand overseas, the company decided to look into upgrading their HR capabilities to match their world class technical standard. After working with SME Centre on a business SMART analysis and a HR diagnosis by Enterprise Singapore, the company had identified the areas for improvement. Armed with the new knowledge, the company engaged a HR consultant to improve their HR capabilities.



Company Name:
Sri Vinayaka Exports Pte. Ltd

SME Centre @ SICCI’s Ms V Sangari met with Mr Manickam, Managing Director of the company to discuss his interest to globalise.


Enterprise Singapore’s role and resources were discussed with Mr Manickam and introductions to partners were made for preparatory understanding of market regulations. This allowed the company to be aware of the demands of the selected market and to embark their journey. They were walked through the Market Readiness Assistance and the company was able to offset supportable costs.


Company Name : Springleaf Prata Place Pte Ltd

SME Centre@SICCI’s Senior Business Advisor Ms Karpagam Jyahraman offered advice to Mr S.V. Gunalan, founder of Springleaf Prata Place to purchase automated machines and to get consultant’s assistance so that they can improve the restaurant’s productivity and processes.

An Indian restaurant specialising in South Indian and Indian Muslim food was facing insufficient manpower and weak time management. SME Centre conducted a business diagnostic and understood the company’s strength and weakness. Mr S.V. Gunalan was able to automate his processes and as a result, he significantly benefited from them.

Mr S.V. Gunalan was featured in Straits Times, Business Section on August 11, 2015.


Company Name : Kovan Learning Centre

SME Centre@SICCI’s Project Head Ms Kameshwari Jayapragas informed about assistance available which allowed the tuition centre to roll out required new technology to innovate its service proposition.

Additionally, the adoption of new technology allowed for slower-learning students to visualise their subject content and have a clearer understanding of the topic.

Mr Thayalan was featured in Straits Times, Business Section on August 11, 2015.

Company Name : Just R Enterprises Pte Ltd

SME Centre @ SICCI’s Ms V Sangari together with Mr Ishvinder Singh as a team conducted business and productivity diagnostics to realise the preparedness of the company in embarking on their growth strategies.

In doing so, it was understood that the company required an understanding of the market that they were planning to enter. They were walked through the Market Readiness Assistance provided by Enterprise Singapore and were able to hire a consultant to study and provide insights into the market, and link up with potential partners in entering the market with a unique service proposition.

Just R Enterprises was featured on local Chinese daily, Lianhe Wanbao on 2nd February 2016