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Updates on COVID-19

As the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, we advise all businesses to take the appropriate precautionary measures in accordance with the latest advisories published by Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Please refer to Enterprise Singapore’s Advisory on COVID-19 for Businesses. (Adapted from ESG)

To find out more on the impact of the coronavirus on businesses and to be alerted on any updates on the situation, Enterprise Singapore has prepared an advisory and created a guide on Business Continuity Planning. Learn more…

5 Tips for a Productive Business Advisory Session

Syed Saleem Ali Shah, Manager, Business Advisory, SME Centre@SICCI



Company Name:
CS Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd

Company Profile:

CS Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2008 and they provide professional consultancy services in building engineering, architectural design, project management and project feasibility studies. The clients faces competition with other engineering consultants. Their employees needed to be trained in keeping personal data of their clients safely. The business lacked leadership and commitment; arising from poorly defined and miscommunicated roles, responsibilities and authorities.

Business Advisor Gunalan met up with business owner and informed them on Data Protection Trust Mark Certification where the framework upholds resilience in the company and provide assurance to their major clients. Gunalan also recommended Enterprise Development Grant to support their consultancy and certification fees to help defray the cost.

With the right advise from Gunalan, CS Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd trained their employees to be aware of DPTM requirements; so that they can assist the business units to identify areas for improvements and progressively strengthen the DPTM , as well as ensure they remain abreast of changing threats and business requirements. Thus DPTM certification demonstrates to CS Consulting’s customers that the organization has robust data protection and loss prevention policies and practices which will safeguard the business and its client’s personal data and confidential information. This enhanced CS Consulting’s reputation, build trust and foster confidence in their clients. This ensures that the business establishes and maintains a sustainable business competitive-edge both locally and overseas.


  Company Name:
  Gokulam Jewels & Crafts Pte Ltd

Company Profile:

Gokulam Jewels and Crafts specialises in silver and gold plated jewelleries , pooja items & custom made prayer altars. This business was started in 1991, all their processes are manual till today. They are not able to keep track of their stock, sales and customer details.

SME Centre@Little India Business Advisor Rajkumar recommended to automate their processes to improve productivity. They have a warehouse in cuff road and a retail outlet in little india arcade. In order to keep track of their stock they needed an inventory system; they needed a POS to keep track of their day to day sales. And a CRM to keep track of their customers and inform them of the latest products in their store. They have successfully tapped on PSG for technology adoption.



  Company Name:
  Greenology Pte Ltd

Company Profile:

Greenology Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2008 by founder Mr Veera. The company provides sustainable greenery solutions services in Singapore. The company had reached out to SME Centre@SICCI and Business Advisor had met them to discuss their HR capabilities, growth plans which included expanding into international markets.

As the company grows and expand overseas, the company decided to look into upgrading their HR capabilities to match their world class technical standard. After working with SME Centre on a business SMART analysis and a HR diagnosis by Enterprise Singapore, the company had identified the areas for improvement. Armed with the new knowledge, the company engaged a HR consultant to improve their HR capabilities.



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