Thursday, October 11 2018, 02:30 pm - 05:30 pm
Why Do My Best Employees Leave and How Do I Stop Them?


Losing a talented employee can have adverse implications on employee morale, productivity and can hit the company financially too.

Business Owners struggle to understand why their best employees quit, in spite of liking their job. Organisations are struggling in this war for Talent to retain their most valued employees.

In this HR series, we have two segments:
1. Capability Workshop
2. Group-based Diagnostics

Segment 1:
HR Expert Ms Ujjwal will share on:
• HR Strategies to retain key talent
• Developing a better competitive advantage as a desirable employer
• Improving productivity of the organization

Also, learn more about Workforce Singapore (WSG) training and hiring assistance to help you hire and train employees to meet your customer’s needs.

Segment 2:
We would like to invite you to join us for a HR Group-based Diagnostics where we will use a framework to assess your company’s HR gaps.

Target Audience 

• Directors / Business Owners
• Start-up Founders
• HR Managers
• Team Managers

Learning Outcomes

• Identify and execute three steps in retaining key talent
• WSG initiatives to hire right talent
• Identify HR gaps

Speaker Profile 

Expert Speaker

Ms Ujjwal is an experienced In-house Generalist turned Human Capital Management (HCM) Consultant with vast experience in various industries (Education, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, IT) across Asia.

She is also Certified Practicing Management Consultant, ACTA v5 Trainer & Assessor, IHRP Certified Professional, MBA In Human Resource Management.

Ms Ujjwal is a Senior Consultant and delivers Strategic HR Consulting and HR Process Consulting for People related matters. Over the years, she has developed a deeper understanding of various HCM solutions and the expertise to recommend the best suite of solutions based on client requirements. A great listener and an excellent advisor, she carefully and quickly understands and foresee the challenges faced by the clients and recommend solutions based on client requirements.

She is a compassionate people manager with the experience of building teams from ground up.

SME Centre@SICCI Business Advisors

Mr Stephen Nathan is a Business Advisor with SME Centre@SICCI. He focuses on helping employers meet their hiring and training needs and to tap on to Government initatives that help them advance in their business.

He delivers HR workshops, focusing on helping SME Owners be aware of Workforce Singapore (WSG) initiatives such as Adapt & Grow and Hiring & Training assistance programmes.

Mr Mustafa Rasheed is the Project Head SME Centre@SICCI. Aside from his advisory work with SMEs and Start-ups, he heads Outreach & Partnerships delivering speaking engagements & clinics at various forums, incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.

He also works on upgrading projects with SMEs, where they identify common issues across industries, and see how best to resolve them, which has enabled them to value-add to their clients.