Tuesday, August 14 2018, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Fully Booked! Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve Operational Efficiency & the Future of Work


Businesses are in a very challenging economy and it’s imperative to be operationally effective to remain competitive in their industry.

But some of the common problems SMEs face are – slow response time, poor customer service & working environment and time wastage.

SMEs need to make it easy for their stakeholders to collaborate, streamline communication with customers and improve employee retention and satisfaction.

In this workshop, our SME Centre@SICCI Business Advisors will share on:
• Identifying & Defining Common Problems in SMEs
• Standardising Work Processes
• Problem Solving Techniques
• Data Collection & Presentation tools

Also, the future of work is changing with digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more important in driving productivity and it’s important to find out more about AI and how to kick-start your digital transformation.

Expert Speaker Mr Lee Jin Hian will cover the following content:
• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• The Intelligent Enterprise- Future of Work
• How to evaluate AI tools

Also, learn more about Workforce Singapore (WSG) training and hiring assistance to help advance your business

Target Audience 

• SME owners
• CEOs & COOs
• Operations Managers
• HR Managers
• Marketing/Sales Managers

Learning Outcomes

• Standardising Work Processes & Problem Solving Techniques
• Increase your understanding of AI
• How best to start adopting AI to improve productivity

Speaker Profiles 

Mr Lee Jin Hian
Founder & CEO, Evie.ai

Jin Hian is the creator of Evie – the enterprise AI Assistant that powers the Smart Office of the future. He’s passionate about solving hard problems and leads a team of world-class product managers & engineers dedicated to using AI to power productivity in the intelligent enterprise.

Jin graduated from Stanford University with BSc. & MSc. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1999, and has spent fifteen years building and launching innovative mobile & Internet tech products on a global scale at companies like StarHub and Yahoo.

SME Centre@SICCI Business Advisors

Mr Mustafa Rasheed and Mr Matthew Kumar are Business Advisors at SME Centre@SICCI. They advise SMEs on government assistance schemes and have delivered workshops and group-based diagnostics.

They also work on upgrading projects with SMEs, where they identify common issues across industries, and see how best to resolve them, which has enabled them to value-add to their clients.