Thursday, July 15 2021, 02:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Uncomplicated Website Strategies

Speaker’s Profile

Ms. Giulia Cian Seren

Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder, Juicy Pickles

Giulia Cian Seren is a CMO-level digital marketing consultant. She started her marketing journey in 2011 while at university in Italy and has been running her company Juicy Pickles in Singapore since 2017. She specialises in helping small “cottage” businesses grow through the internet, with her online courses, mentoring, and consulting services. In 2020 alone, she’s helped 73 different companies from 7 countries. 

Ms. Kameshwari

Project Head, SME Centre@Little India

Ms Kameshwari is the Project Head at SME Centre@Little India. With 10-years of experience as a Business Advisor, she has engaged over 2000 SMEs in their start-up, growth, and maturity stages of their business. She advises enterprises to pursue business growth and drives capability development in areas of business excellence, marketing, and digitalisation to optimise opportunities in local and international markets

Prior to working as a Business Advisor with SME Centre@SICCI, she was in Public Relations handling PR projects for Google, Cisco, and PayPal.