Thursday, August 30 2018, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Service Excellence – Ensuring Customer Retention And Long-Lasting Loyalty

If the workshop receives overwhelming response, we will be limiting it to one participant per company to allow more SMEs to benefit from the session. Your understanding is much appreciated. 


“Achieving Service Excellence is not by doing something to someone; it is by doing everything for someone”.

Customer Services skills have become an essential component for SMEs to offer higher quality services and to secure their customers’ loyalty level. 

In this workshop, we shall explore ways in setting and providing excellent customer service to delight your customers, which will lead you to attain higher customer retention and eventually long lasting loyalty

Expert Speaker Mr Petros Zenieris will share:
• The importance of serving customer’s needs
• Costs associated to lost customers
• How to achieve the double service excellence (internally & externally)
• Basic function to ensure customers’ retention & long-lasting loyalty
• How to apply 7 qualities of achieving service excellence

Also, learn more about Workforce Singapore (WSG) training and hiring assistance to help you hire and train employees to meet your customer’s needs. 

Target Audience 
• Directors
• Start-Up Founders
• Customer Service Department
• Marketing & Sales Department
• Business Development Executives 

Learning Outcomes
• Improve working relations with internal & external customers 
• Be effective in business dealings with a customer-centered approach 
• 7 qualities attributed to delighting your customers 

Speaker Profiles 

Mr Petros Zenieris is a Singapore-based trainer & lecturer; ACTA certified. His professional career covers over 30 years accumulated management experience from Europe, West Africa & Asia. He established The Business Criterion in 2010 and has been providing training services in Singapore and in the S.E. Asia. 

Mr Petros designs his own seminars and workshops for Customer Services and Supply Chain Management (Warehouse and Inventory Management, Continuous Improvement-5S Technique & Total Productivity). He has conducted seminars & workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Dubai, Bangkok and Shanghai. 

Mr Petros obtained Degree in Economics & Degree in Business Studies with specialization in Marketing.


Mr Stephen Nathan is a Business Advisor with SME Centre@SICCI. He focuses on helping employers meet their hiring and training needs and tap on to Government initatives that help them advance in their business.

He delivers HR workshops, focusing on helping SME Owners be aware of Workforce Singapore (WSG) initiatives such as Adapt & Grow and Hiring & Training assistance programmes.