Thursday, May 09 2019, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Internationalisation Series: Building Your Business Regionally

A deeper study across 3 popular Asean Countries 

 Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines

Expanding businesses outside of Singapore has been challenging. With a tight and limited domestic market, Singapore companies see the need to expand regionally into Southeast Asia in the drive to grow revenue and expand outreach. Countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines continue to attract Singapore companies with high growth potential with each country’s unique strengths and benefits.
It is key for Singapore companies to understand the nuances of setting up entities in each country and understand the legal proceedings to ensure they comply with local regulations. This task is completely rigid due to completely different regulations of each country. Join us in this workshop to learn a structured approach to venture beyond Singapore and to explore your business presence globally. 

Key Takeaways

    • An overview of key considerations before internationalising your business
    • Understanding the know-how to setup and why each country should be considered for regional expansion
    • Typical Challenges when expanding into overseas market
    • Government Grants/Schemes to assist with your plans for overseas expansion

Mr Eric Chin, In.Corp Group – Business Development Head
Mr. Chin has extensive experience of working with local SMEs / Corporates as well as regional headquarters and subsidiaries of international MNCs based in Singapore and across the APAC region. With 11 years of track record as a corporate banker, his focus is to help companies grow and develop in Singapore and subsequently, helping our clients to internationalise in the Asian Region. Before joining In.Corp, he was a Senior VP Team Lead within the International Subsidiaries Banking  team with HSBC and OCBC banking SMEs to large corporates in Singapore.

Mr Gunalan, Manager, Business Advisory, SME Centre@SICCI
Mr Guna is a Manager with SME Centre@SICCI. Aside from assisting start-ups, he also focuses on helping established companies to grow, scale up and diversify their business model. As a business advisor, he is well versed on government assistance schemes and he provides timely information to companies to improve their business. Mr Guna has 15 years of experience in key client management and has delivered consistent delivery of outstanding customer service through real-life and on-the-ground business engagement.