Wednesday, April 03 2024, 02:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Artificial Intelligence GBU: Harness the Power of Gen.AI to Create More Business Opportunities

GBU Introduction:

In the professional services sector, firms often grapple with the challenge of efficiently managing and processing large volumes of data related to their clients, projects, and market research.

The manual handling of these documents is time-consuming, prone to errors, and can significantly hamper productivity and the ability to deliver timely and tailored services to clients.

Additionally, the need for innovative solutions to enhance client engagement and personalisation has become increasingly crucial in a competitive market where clients expect high-quality, customised service delivery.

Thus, SME Centre@SICCI has tailored an Artificial Intelligence Group-Based Upgrading (GBU) Project that allows firms to resolve challenges such as manual data entry, cost management, speed of delivery and data security and privacy.

Key Learning Points:

  • ​Automated Document Processing and Data Extraction
  • ​Automated Market Research and Analysis
  • ​Content Creation and Personalisation





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Harness the Power of Gen.AI to Create More Business Opportunities
Mr Jeff Lim
Co-Founder & CEO

Bluenest Pte Ltd

4.15pm – 4.30pm

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Speaker’s Profile:

Mr Jeff Lim​, Co-Founder & CEO (Bluenest Pte Ltd)

Jeff Lim is a distinguished entrepreneur and technology innovator, known for his role as the Co-founder and CEO of Bluenest Pte Ltd, a forward-thinking company reshaping the real estate industry in Singapore. With expertise cultivated over a decade in real estate, Jeff has made significant contributions to technological innovation and growth within this domain.

Before Bluenest, Jeff played pivotal roles in leading internet ventures like Lazada Singapore, Zilingo, and SHOPLINE, where he focused on commercial strategy, new market expansions and applied innovative technologies to drive e-commerce growth.

In founding Bluenest, Jeff aimed to integrate real estate acumen with technology, pioneering AI-driven brokerage services to revolutionize property transactions. Under his leadership, Bluenest has emerged as a premier digital real estate agency, streamlining transactions and enhancing client experiences.

Now, Jeff is on a new venture: Buildas. Leveraging his wealth of experience and insights, he is leading the development of an AI-driven platform designed to empower businesses to drive growth through technology. With his proven track record in real estate and tech, Jeff is poised to redefine industry standards and unlock new possibilities for businesses leveraging AI-driven solutions.