Wednesday, September 27 2017, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Demand Generation: Fundamentals of marketing to today’s B2B buyers

One of the biggest challenges every business face is – finding and attracting new customers.

We, as consumers and business buyers, are bombarded daily with hundreds of marketing messages. Simultaneously, the internet and online networks have empowered the buyers in deciding what, where, when and how to buy.

Meanwhile, the traditional methods of finding new clients don’t seem to work as well as they used to. Cold calling the old fashion way may get you around .05% success rate; online ads don’t fare much better. Not far behind is email marketing and direct mails with low single digit response rate.

So how can a business with the right product and message be heard by the right audience?

Come join this insightful, interactive and hopefully fun workshop to learn about the latest trends in customer behaviours and the most effective techniques of gaining the attention of your target audience. 

Speakers Profiles

Mr Mark Ghaderi is an author, international speaker, sales acceleration strategies, marketing coach and entrepreneur based in Singapore.

With twenty five years of experience leading small companies and Fortune 500 companies, Mark has empowered organizations to establish and grow their businesses through enabling & empowering their marketing and sales teams through effective recruiting, marketing and sales execution, processes, tools and technologies, building and running the right sales strategies, & embracing the digital selling transformation.

Mark is an accomplished author and regular blogger on business topics he is most passionate about, such as:

• Enabling the leading B2B businesses in Asia who are struggling to learn, adapt and embrace the new age of customer driven and digital selling

• Guiding and advising startups and entrepreneurs to build a results driven and sales focused culture, increase sales pipeline by 300% or more, and build scalable and repeatable sales processes

• Enabling business executives and leaders to drive significant business outcomes thorough leveraging social media.