Wednesday, July 19 2017, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Brand Building in the Digital Age


This master class introduces the concept of brand building in the connected economy.

The course will provide a new perspective on branding which is highly relevant for today’s businesses and their environment. It will also cover the essential components of how strong brands are built and nurtured.

it will provide deep insight on how to differentiate and position your product or service; and how to own the right perception in your consumers mind.

It will demonstrate how B2B and B2C companies can create resilient brands that leverage customer and employee enthusiasm to dominate their industry, no matter what their competition or market throws at them.

This session’s content will cover:
• How to evangelize your brand and tell your brand story
• New paradigm of how successful brands are built in the digital age
• How the world’s top brands create amazing brand experiences and deliver on their promise