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Berrylite Frozen Yogurt

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Berrylite is a 100% Fat-Free American Premium Frozen Yogurt, which is REAL frozen yogurt packed with billions of live and active cultures.

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“Thank you SME Centre@SICCI for introducing the various government assistances that we are eligible for. The government grants have eased our operational and training costs. The staff’s morale has improved due to the purchase of new IT equipments and training courses provided for them.”

Mr Dave Littlejohn, Director APAC
Speakerbus Pte Ltd

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“We have highly benefitted from the business advisory session by SME Centre@SICCI, which gave us a lot of valuable information in terms assistances such as PIC, iSPRINT, Micro Loan, etc. Being an SME in Singapore, the business diagnostic assessment conducted by SME Centre@SICCI assisted us in addressing our concerns and helped us to scale up to the next level. Highly appreciate the good service provided at all times!!”

Mr Vadivel Padmanban, Director
Xsosys Technology (S) Pte Ltd

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“Thank you SME Centre@SICCI for the time you had spent with us. It has been a rewarding session and a good thinking process run-through for our business. During the meeting, I had received a brochure from SME Centre@SICCI regarding the six ways to boost tax savings. I think it is a very good summary that I can share with my clients as well.”

Wanna Teoh, Director
PWAC Business Solutions Pte Ltd

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27 June 2016

Customer-Centric Innovation: Design the Winning Product, Service or Go-To-Market Strategy

What is customer-centric innovation and how can human-centred design be used to create more value for customers? The secret behind successful innovators—notably Uber, Apple, Taobao, Airbnb, and Starbucks—is to be design-driven. It’s not all about having eureka ideas, but it’s about creating your products, services, or go-to-market strategies with end-users in mind.

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22 June 2016

From Idea to Investment: How to Develop an Investable Business?

Creating a new venture is challenging and complex. The road to entrepreneurial success is strewn with pitfalls and obstacles that often require substantial funding in the early stages. The initial stages of fundraising are always the most difficult, and therefore, as a start-up, one needs to understand the critical points that will capture the attention of investors and position itself as an investable business. In this session will outline: • The key to building a scalable and investable business • Elements of a successful business • What Investors look for in a Start-up?

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14 April 2016

How To Make Google Search Work For You & Your Business

Internet accessibility via smart phones and other mobile devices are growing exponentially with online activity recording at an all-time high. This essentially translates to more potential customers which are now in easy reach through the many digital marketing channels available.

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