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Success Stories

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Berrylite Frozen Yogurt

Company Profile:

Berrylite is a 100% Fat-Free American Premium Frozen Yogurt, which is REAL frozen yogurt packed with billions of live and active cultures.

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“Thank you SME Centre@SICCI for introducing the various government assistances that we are eligible for. The government grants have eased our operational and training costs. The staff’s morale has improved due to the purchase of new IT equipments and training courses provided for them.”

Mr Dave Littlejohn, Director APAC
Speakerbus Pte Ltd

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“We have highly benefitted from the business advisory session by SME Centre@SICCI, which gave us a lot of valuable information in terms assistances such as PIC, iSPRINT, Micro Loan, etc. Being an SME in Singapore, the business diagnostic assessment conducted by SME Centre@SICCI assisted us in addressing our concerns and helped us to scale up to the next level. Highly appreciate the good service provided at all times!!”

Mr Vadivel Padmanban, Director
Xsosys Technology (S) Pte Ltd

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“Thank you SME Centre@SICCI for the time you had spent with us. It has been a rewarding session and a good thinking process run-through for our business. During the meeting, I had received a brochure from SME Centre@SICCI regarding the six ways to boost tax savings. I think it is a very good summary that I can share with my clients as well.”

Wanna Teoh, Director
PWAC Business Solutions Pte Ltd

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Upcoming Events

28 September 2016

Leverage on Branding to Create Sustainability

Overview “Your brand is what other people say about you, when you are not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos, Founder of Do you know what other people say about your brand? Many companies believe their brand is in their name, logo or even product.But only successful businesses understand that their brand is in the experience that is shared by the people whose lives it touches. Do you know what other people say about your brand?

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Recent Events

08 September 2016

Productivity Series – Identifying & eliminating waste

Economic growth cannot be sustained without improvements in productivity. Come to find out on the 3-step approach for SMEs to improve their productivity & the common types of wastes. Waste is any resource or process that is unnecessary and does not add value. Reducing waste saves time and costs, and increases your competitive edge & profits.

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31 August 2016

Innovating to Win in the Intelligence Economy

We are are approaching a new era of business and economics. Within the next 15 years, powerful and disruptive intelligent technologies will pervade every part of the economy, businesses and our daily lives. This revolutionary shift from the Information Economy to the Intelligence Economy will create unprecedented opportunities for innovators but radically disrupt the nature of business and the economy.

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03 August 2016

Developing a Marketing Plan

What makes your business unique? How do you get the message out to desired audiences through a variety of channels?

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