Thursday, December 14 2017, 02:30 pm - 05:30 pm
Top 5 Obstacles Companies Face And How To Overcome Them

To realize a competitive advantage, small-business leaders must address five common obstacles:

• Inefficient operations
• inability to support rapid growth or new markets
• Disjointed business processes,
• Lack of visibility into daily operations, and
• Limited resources

Overcoming each of these challenges gives you the power to generate valuable insights into your business, operate more efficiently, and gain the flexibility to maximize your competitive advantage.

The “Continuous Improvement” thinking approach is a viable and cost-effective way to move forward in winning the game.

Investing in a company’s human based production system is a warrant of a long-term success-story.

In this Productivity workshop, we have two segments:
1. Capability Workshop
2. Group-based Diagnostics

Segment 1:
LEAN Expert Mr Michael Protzner will share how:
• To do a value stream map of any process
• “Continuous Improvement” will be help SMEs to stay competitive
• To gather information in a structured and professional manner
• Processes and people are the bigger lever compared to automation

Segment 2:
We would like to invite you to join us for a Productivity Group-based Diagnostics where we will use a framework to conduct a 7W assessment.

Target Audience 
• Business Owners
• Operations Managers
• Middle Managers

Learning Outcomes
• Develop a value stream map
• How to implement continuous improvement in your business
• Assess 7W in your company

Speaker Profiles

Expert Speaker

Mr Michael Protzner is the founder of RX SYNERGIE CONSULTING and a Senior Consultant with JonDavidson Pte Ltd.

He started his LEAN journey while working with SIEMENS in the department of physical asset management, a consulting group focusing on helping clients increasing their process & machinery reliability, availability and maintainability. The “Siemens approach” gave the companies a sound control on their operational expenditures, improved on-time-delivery and a decision model for future investments.

In more than 40 business reviews, let’s call them LEAN audits, and running more than 60 projects, some merely consulting and some outsourcing of business processes, he acquired a broad experience of the operational reality in MNCs, and SMEs in Europe, Americas and Asia, with clients in the sector of automotive manufacturing, automotive suppliers, the pharmaceutical and chemical sector, the aviation industries, transportation companies, and logistics companies.

He focuses on the LEAN principles, the client’s operational context and what the nature of the issue(s) is(are) to design a production system based on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and drive organizational development.

Business Advisors 

Ms V Sangari has been working with the centre for the past 7 years and has a degree in Communications with Business minor from Singapore University of Social Sciences. She has conducted marketing and productivity workshops that helps SMEs grasp concepts in a practical manner.

Mr Matthew Kumar has over 5 years of experience in administrative, operations and market research role, before he left to start his own business. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies specialising in Marketing from Nanyang Technological University (NTU)