Wednesday, November 29 2017, 02:30 pm - 05:30 pm
Service Excellence: Excite, Engage & Expand Your Customer’s Base Through Enhancing Customer Experience


In the past, businesses started with the simple equation of …

“I need” + “You have” = Business Deal

As such, it is a simple deal of keeping your customers happy by providing them with what you have and keep them coming back to you.

Today, with the evolve of Internet, it opens the flood gate of information. The equation has changed, and customers now know that there are others “who have” and as well as substitute products. There are just so many other ways to satisfy their needs.

Thus, it becomes important to know how your customers think and get to them before they go to others.

In this hands-on and interactive session, we will have two segments:
1. Capability Workshop
2. Group-based Diagnostics

Segment 1:
Service Excellence Expert Mr Kelvin Kwek will help you:
Know your consumers to increase customer retention & satisfaction
• Understand the DNA of Service
• Turn challenging customers into advocates for your business

Segment 2:
SME Centre@SICCI Business Advisor will use a Capability Development Diagnostic Tool to help you assess your current state of affairs and management systems, as well as highlight possible areas of capability upgrading.

Target Audience
• Directors
• Middle Management
• Retailers
• F&B
• Service-oriented sectors

Learning Outcomes
• Develop a customer- first mindset
• Know the DNA of customer service
• Diagnose your business with a Capability Development Tool