Wednesday, January 27 2021, 02:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Reinvent Your Business Model: How to seize transformative growth in the new disruption


Reinvent Your Business Model

How to seize transformative growth in the new disruption

Series 1: 27 January @ 2.30pm

Series 2: 3 February @ 2.30pm

How do you intend on pursuing transformative growth for your business?

Studies have shown that majority of companies have done so through business model innovation. Established SMEs can conceive, implement, test and roll-out world changing products and services just as well. Learn to create new business model targeting an entirely new customer.

Your go-to-market strategy brings together all of the key elements that drive your business: sales, marketing, distribution, pricing, brand development, competitive analysis and consumer insights. Beyond which, you will learn more about fine-tuning the go-to-market approach based on customer targeting and market segmentation.

It’s time to learn how to pivot and grow stronger in your business.


Series 1

  • Reinvent core business with innovative rethinking of your business value proposition and value chain
  • Optimize profitability and resource investment decisions with financial metrics
  • Understand product life cycle stages
  • Develop brand positioning
  • Learn how to maintain brand integrity

Series 2

  • Understand the needs and the buying cycles of your target customer
  • Learn how to identify your target market
  • Gain insights on how to create a unique value proposition
  • Connect and understand what matters to your target customers and position your brand
  • Transform customer behaviours and operational data into business insights
  • Leverage on business analytics to make informed decisions amid a dynamic environment


Dr. Nina Tan,  Managing Director, Business Intelligence and 8nalytics Pte. Ltd.

Dr. Nina Tan graduated with MBA and PhD in Business Management, in addition to a Chartered Accountancy qualification. She was awarded by Association of Trade and Commerce as Singapore Top 100 Entrepreneur in 2021. Nina has held senior management position and is a successful serial Entrepreneur who garnered more than 25 years of experience in Multi-National Corporations, Listed Companies, GLCs, Healthcare, and Audit Firm.

She has garnered more than 2 decades of transformational leadership experience in various fields. With her vast Global experience and unique training techniques, Nina has authored syllabuses that are used to train entrepreneurs in ASME’s Pmax and Skills Future Programs. She is a certified PMC business advisor and a prolific trainer. She currently teaches Strategy, Financial Accounting and Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation in SMU University.

Ms Kameshwari Jayapragas, Project Head, SME Centre@Little India

Almost a decade in as a Business Advisor for SME Centre, Ms Kameshwari, Project Head at SME Centre@Little India, has engaged over a 1000 SMEs and worked along with partners to guide entrepreneurs and businesses to start, scale and expand their company. She guides enterprises to break out of their comfort zone, push them to think out-of-the-box and achieve goals through creative marketing and initiatives.

Mr Syed Saleem Ali Shah, Manager, Business Advisory, SME Centre@SICCI

Mr Shah has advised many SMEs, start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs across different industries / sectors in enhancing productivity and fund-raising. Actively participating in external talks and “walking the ground”, he has assisted SMEs / start-ups in navigating the various forms of assistance which are offered by the Singapore government. With his experience and knowledge in investments / early fund-raising, he has helped companies to scale up and expand their operations, both locally and overseas.

Mr Stephen Nathan, Manager, Business Advisory, SME Centre@SICCI

As Manager, Business Advisory at SME Centre@SICCI, he focuses on Workforce Singapore (WSG) programmes helping employers meet their hiring and training needs, with the support of Government initiatives to advance their business. Mr Stephen Nathan has over a decade of experience in managing business. With his past experience in several industries including Commercial Banking and F&B, he’s able to draw from his exposure to advise SMEs on various key pillars of business including finance, operation and human resource.

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