Thursday, April 26 2018, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Productivity Series: Importance of Applying 5S Techniques in Your Business

In today’s competitive environment, smart companies are fueling growth through leaner operations.

Adopting lean practices will focus on:
1. Eliminating waste throughout the business
2. Creating cost savings
3. Establishing an environment of continuous improvement 

5S is the lean method of organizing a work area to increase efficiency and decrease waste. It is commonly used in manufacturing and other types of companies and the benefits have been well documented.

The course will provide an insight into how businesses can apply 5S Techniques in any work environment. It could be a supply store in a factory, a workshop in a construction firm or work areas in an office, retail, hospitality/F&B environment.

In this Productivity series, we have two segments:
1. Capability Workshop
2. Group-based Diagnostics

Segment 1:
Productivity expert Ms Regina Chang will share:
• The What, Why, Where, When and How of using Apply 5S Techniques
• Application of 5S stages in any small or big businesses
• Structured approach to clean, organize & standardise your business
• Benefits of 5S in your workplace & building it as part of a culture

Segment 2:
We would like to invite you to join us for a Productivity Group-based Diagnostics where we will use a framework to conduct a 5S assessment. 

Target Audience 

• Business Owners
• Managers, Supervisors in warehousing/logistics
• Managers, Supervisors in any type of industry
• Organisation policy-makers
• Employees involved in QCs

Learning Outcomes

• What is 5S Techniques
• How to apply 5S in workplace
• Why businesses need to make continuous improvements & how to sustain

Speaker Profiles 

Expert Speaker

Ms Regina Chang (Regge) has worked in the manufacturing and marine construction industries holding various executive and management positions in corporate affairs, finance & administration, human resources as well as logistics management.

Following this rich mix of work experiences, her association with a management consultancy also widened introspectively another specialized area of coaching and mentoring where individuals, namely small and medium enterprise business owners and their employees, were guided in their learning process through the use of proprietary management and personal development training programs.

A Corporate Trainer by profession, Regina has also served as an EDC Consultant, in a short stint with the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Business Advisors 

Ms V Sangari has been working with the centre for the past 7 years and has a degree in Communications with Business minor from Singapore University of Social Sciences. She has conducted marketing and productivity workshops that helps SMEs grasp concepts in a practical manner.

Mr Matthew Kumar has over 5 years of experience in administrative, operations and market research role, before he left to start his own business. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies specialising in Marketing from Nanyang Technological University (NTU)