Thursday, December 07 2017, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Marketing Series: Aligning Your Corporate Brand Across Internal & External Stakeholders

This short workshop introduces the concept of alignment of your company brand across different stakeholders. It provides a perspective on internal branding and its impact on a company’s external offering in the context of today’s very different, technologically advanced, rapidly changing and ever questioning marketplace.

It will also expose managers to diagnostic methods that can help assess brand alignment.

The workshop will also touch upon the criticality of finding, retaining and engaging the best talent to help grow your brand and in turn your business.

This session’s content will cover:
• The meaning & importance of true brand alignment
• How the world’s top businesses create brand alignment
• How you can create brand alignment for your organisation

This workshop is best suited for businesses with challenges in:
• Employee attrition
• Employee productivity
• Assimilating new talent to maintain company culture
• Hiring & retaining employees with the right skillsets to drive revenue 

Note: There will be some pre-workshop forms to be filled 3 days prior. 

Target Audience 
• Directors
• Founders
• Chief Executive Officers
• Chief Marketing Officers
• Brand Strategists
• HR Department

Learning Outcomes
• Importance of internal branding
• How internal branding impacts external stakeholders
• Diagnose your brand alignment

Speaker Profile
Bricoleur Consulting is an internal brand consultancy headquartered in Singapore with hubs in Singapore, Hong Kong and London. Founded in 2010 it is one of the few companies that sits on the cusp of Brand and HR. The company offers internal brand insight led solutions.

Bricoleur Consulting was started by Anu D’Souza with the ambition of helping companies develop teams that love what they do. She has also written a soon to be published book on Brand Alignment for CEOs. The book outlines the role of a CEO in creating brand alignment in today’s everchanging environment.