Thursday, November 28 2019, 11:30 am - 02:00 pm
Innovation starts with People-28 Nov@11.30am



In the fast-changing world, it is not a question of “why must we innovate?”, but “how can we innovate?”. Innovation starts in minds first, before it takes any material form. By gaining an in-depth understanding of people, we are able to develop successful innovations that directly fulfill people’s core needs. This approach outcompetes others. Participants will be introduced a business innovation framework to find the right needs, develop the right innovations and to ensure the success of the final outcome through testing and refinement. We will illustrate the power of this approach by sharing 2 case studies of local SMEs that have successfully applied it, in different contexts and industries.

Target Audience 

  • SME owners / Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Decision-makers
  • Managers / Executives


  • Reminder to revisit the purpose, strengths and gaps of your business
  • Uncovering real insights in the form of unarticulated and unmet needs
  • Learn about Business Innovation Framework and applying it to your organisation
  • Understand Service Design and the power of active empathy with customers & employees to transform your business

Speakers Profile 

Expert Speakers

Mr Nav Qirti is Principal Consultant of Ideactio, specialising in designing innovation, experiences, and brands with clients. He possesses a unique mix of client-side perspective and agency-side knowledge accumulated from over 18 years working across Asia and Europe. With a consulting approach that is both intuitive and strategic, Nav has advised companies in a range of industries including retail, hospitality, travel, F&B, automotive in navigating and implementing organisational change.

Nav has brought about critical mindset change in companies whilst delivering solutions in the areas of organisational change management, service design, product development, business growth, and brand strategy. His consulting work begins with understanding ground perceptions, pain points and focuses on helping clients to broaden their views and use research insights in decision-making and change management.

Mr Felix Mollinga is a Dutch product and Service Designer at Ideactio, based in Singapore. He is greatly interested in designing products that solve problems for the near future, driven by enabling innovation, smart use of technology, and solving ethical issues. He has worked on diverse projects ranging from product design to user research to business transformation, across various industries, including retail, travel, manufacturing and finance.

Business Advisors

Ms Karpagam JyahRaman, Senior Manager, Business Advisory has over 20 years’ experience in the customer service sector. She has guided many SMEs and start-ups in developing best practises and assisted in building their internal capabilities through SMART assessments. Several SMEs has progressed and benefitted through the advisory sessions and workshop conducted by her. She is zealous in educating SMEs so that they can grow and improve in their processes.

Ms Sunitha, Manager, Business Advisory is an experienced media professional with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. She holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from Nanyang Technological University. She enjoys meeting business owners from diverse backgrounds to not only identify their key challenges but work hand in hand to ideate practical solutions. Her experience working with various industries enables her to play a pivotal role in recognising growth opportunities for SMEs and helping them to evolve in their journey.

Mr Stephen Nathan, Manager, Business Advisor focuses on helping employers meet their hiring and training needs and to tap on to Government initiatives that help them advance in their business. He delivers workshops, focusing on helping SME owners be aware of Workforce Singapore(WSG) initiatives such as Adapt & Grow and Hiring & Training assistance programmes.

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