Tuesday, June 04 2024, 02:30 PM - 05:00 PM
Go-to Market: Malaysia – Unlock the Potential of Malaysian Market

Event Introduction:

The SME Centre@SICCI, in collaboration with Paul Hype Page Co., is proud to present the second instalment of our highly anticipated internationalisation series workshop. The series is designed to equip SMEs with the essential knowledge and tools necessary for successful expansion into the dynamic Malaysian market and present enforceable strategies designed to achieve your internationalisation goals.

The workshop is ideal for business owners, professionals planning expansion into Malaysia, startups looking to tap into new markets, or established companies seeking to diversify your operations.

By attending the workshop, you will not only gain key insights but also opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and industry experts. The collaborative environment will foster valuable connections and enable you to build a robust support network.

Key Learning Points:

  • ​Regulatory Clarity – Clearing Misconceptions and Providing Comprehensive Understanding of Malaysia’s Business Regulations
  • ​Strategic Approaches – Offering Practical Strategies for Navigating Potential Challenges and Leveraging Opportunities in the Malaysian Market
  • ​Cultural Insights – Highlighting Cultural nuances and Business Etiquettes Crucial for Successful Expansion




2.00pm – 2.30pm


2.30pm – 2.35pm


2.35pm – 3.35pm

Go-to Market: Malaysia – Unlock the Potential of Malaysian Market
Ms Letitia Ng
Paul Hype Page Co.

3.35pm – 4.35pm

Leveraging on Malaysia for Growth – Is the time now?
Mr Mohamed Sadli (Momo)
Manager, Business Advisory
Data Protection Officer

4.35pm – 4.45pm

Question & Answer

4.45pm – 5.00pm

Light Refreshments & Networking


Speakers’ Profiles:

Ms Letitia Ng, Consultant (Paul Hype Page Co.)

Ms Letitia Ng from Paul Hype Page & Co has managed more than 400 companies all over Asia and specialises in on-site market operator services, offering incorporation and full licensing services, location scouting, overseeing renovations, and ensuring quality and price assessments for offices, retail shops, industrial parks, and ports.

With access to a local distributor and supplier network, she helps build efficient client supply chains. Her expertise and hands-on approach streamline market entry processes, minimising risks and maximising success for businesses expanding into new markets.

Mr Mohamed Sadli (Momo), Data Protection Officer; Manager, Business Advisory (SME Centre@SICCI)

Genuine, passionate and a resourceful consulting professional, Momo has over 7 years of combined experience in direct sales, consultancy, training and business directorship. Momo has helped many SMEs explore digital content conceptualisation and brand re-alignment apart from digital transformation.

More importantly, he is hyper-focused on fact-finding to uncover underlying pain points of businesses that hinder productivity. Regardless of the business stage, he is able to provide comprehensive assessments through the use of proven methodologies; one of such examples is the Business Model Canvas (BMC).

Being a multi-skilled and experienced professional, he is able to recommend pragmatic solutions to help his clients resolve their business challenges. This is so that they will be able to not only surpass their desired objectives, but ultimately become their truest potential.