Tuesday, November 30 2021, 02:30 PM - 04:30 PM
[eCommerce Webinar] 3 Easy Ways to Succeed in the New Retail

Join us in this webinar as we explore the different marketing campaigns, social commerce trends and logistics solutions to succeed in the new retail of eCommerce!

Speakers’ Profile

Mr Gabriel Xu
Senior Business Development Lead

Gabriel oversees SHOPLINE’s business development team in Singapore. He focuses on new acquisitions to increase market share through continuous innovation and strengthening of customer relations. Prior to SHOPLINE, he was highly involved in the eCommerce and digital space as an enabler for marketplace. He is currently leading a team of business development consultants in Singapore to facilitate businesses in overcoming their challenges in pivoting their online presence both locally and within South East Asia.

Mr Aaron Wan
Manager, Business Advisory

Mr Aaron Wan joined the Centre in November 2017. Prior to joining as a Business Advisor, Aaron has worked in listed companies and social enterprises in the Furniture, Training and FMCG sectors. He has progressively taken up roles ranging from Account Manager, Project Sales Manager to Brand representative.

His experience with working with Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan Chase, eBay and Apple allows him to share with aspiring entrepreneurs and progressive SMEs on best practices and corporate governance. In particular, he is able to empathize the predicament on Human Capital Development issues and is able to provide practical advisory for the SME.