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For any business, careful planning and execution of marketing strategies is of utmost importance. If a business is unable to provide good customer experience to its clients, the value of their product or service offering weakens. Implementing the above strategies effectively is the key to achieve success in business. SPRING has developed self-help toolkits to assist SMEs address these business needs.


  • SME MARKETING TOOLKIT - In order to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing strategies, a SME Marketing Toolkit has been co-developed by SPRING and Marketing Institute of Singapore. The toolkit is a DIY kit which consists of guides, checklists, case studies, tips and templates to guide businesses on planning strategies and tactics, and developing systems to differentiate business offerings from competitors.
  • HUMAN RESOURCE CAPABILITY PACKAGE - The HR Capability Package assists SME to strengthen its Human Resource by developing relevant capabilities and instituting good HR practices. This 'how-to' package provides tools, templates and guidelines to help businesses put in place sound HR systems for areas such as recruitment, staffing, career development and performance management.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE TOOLKIT – It is a toolkit designed to help SMEs achieve service excellence. It consists of tools, worksheets and templates that help to set up systems and processes required to deliver quality service. Customised versions of the toolkit are available for Retail, Food and Beverage (F&B), and Hospitality industries.
  • DESIGN DIAGNOSTIC TOOLKIT - This design diagnostic toolkit has been developed to give companies an instant diagnosis and prognosis of the state of design application of their business operations. The toolkit has 16 questions which probes business' application of design.

These toolkits can be downloaded for no cost and businesses can start using the templates. If this approach sounds of value to your business, call us on 6508 0147 now, or Book an Advisory Session with us to discuss how we can help you utilize these toolkits.



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