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Understand How to Improve Productivity Through Process Mapping & Using GoogleTools  

Event Category: SME Centre Collaborated Event
Event Title: Understand How to Improve Productivity Through Process Mapping & Using GoogleTools
Presenter: Mr Andrew Tan, Project Director of 4Media Pte Ltd
Venue: SICCI Building, Seminar Room, Level 2
Address: 31 Stanley Street SICCI Building Singapore (068740)
Date and Time: 25 October 2017 (03:00 PM to 05:00 PM)
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Free Event
Payment Terms: Complimentary
Cancellation Policy:

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16 October 2017
Understand How to Improve Productivity Through Process Mapping & Using Google Tools

25 October | 3:00pm to 5:00pm | SICCI Building, S(068740)


“One single primary principle in any human action is the expenditure of the least amount of effort to accomplish a task" – Principle of Least Effort”

Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system in converting inputs into useful outputs.

The other side of productivity is to reduce cognitive load, where cognitive ergonomics focuses on mental processes, especially on cognitive functions and psychological/behavioural level interactions.

In short, productivity is about doing the least with maximum results easily.

As an SME, the first goal to mind is survival, which is about reducing cost and maximizing profit.

There are good, almost-free tools out there to help us improve business processes almost immediately.

At an advanced level, we will also share corporate case studies where SMEs have been assisted in solving productivity issues through process mapping and customized solutions.

This session's content will:
• Provide an overview to productivity
• Elaborate on how SMEs can use these tools on a practical aspect
• Include a sharing session by a productivity expert

A Business Advisor from SME Centre@SICCI will share about government assistance that can assist SMEs with cost defrayment of productivity projects.

Target Audience

• Directors
• Middle Management
• Start-up Founders

Learning Outcomes

• Communication and process mapping
• Practical google apps (almost free)
• Sharing of successful case studies

Speaker Profiles

Mr Andrew Tan is a Project Director with 4Media Pte Ltd, an integrated multi-disciplinary agency, established since 2005.

He holds a Honours Degree (Hons.) in Mechanical and Production Engineering (MPE) and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Practicing Management Consultant (PMC).

Andrew Tan Eng Chuan has 15+ years of practical projects management experiences, for various industries ranging from Heavy-Oil and Gas to IT-software. He has his own ventures in IT-software industry and is familiar with various PM methodologies.

His project quantum exposure till date ranges from 30K to 1Bil SGD, where he successfully adopts flexible Project management methods to each project and achieve exemplary results.

His practical approach arises from the 8 plus years of being stationed overseas, where resources are lean and the need to use whatever is available becomes an important skillset.

Being a practitioner, Andrew is well versed in consultancy and have helped numerous companies in diagnosing gaps and problems.

He is a firm believer of lean productivity – To yield the biggest result through the lowest cost possible.

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