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Productivity Series: Synergizing Business Performance by Enhancing Customer Service  

Event Category: SME Centre Conference
Event Title: Productivity Series: Synergizing Business Performance by Enhancing Customer Service
Presenter: Dr. Loh, Beyonique Pte Ltd
Venue: SICCI Building, Seminar Room, Level 2
Address: 31 Stanley Street, SICCI Building, Singapore 068740
Date and Time: 30 June 2017 (10:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
Duration: 2 hours

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21 June 2017
Productivity Series:
Synergizing Business Performance by Enhancing Customer Service

30 June | 10am to 12pm | SICCI Building, S(068740)


Customer satisfaction is one of the most imperative elements every organization strives to achieve in order to sustain the business in today’s competitive environment.

It is essential for SMEs to build a strong foundation in customer satisfaction management system because:

• Value mapping in understanding customer behaviours
• Asking the right questions ensures right data being obtained

• Provides insights on what contributes to customer satisfaction
• Guides decision-making to drive better outcomes

• Data-driven decision-making helps direct actions into operational activities & business processes that can lead to optimal business outcomes

This session's content will cover:
• Improving business processes to drive better outcomes
• Know-how of data analysis methods
• Ability to carry out in-depth interpretation of business data to improve decision-making in customer management

Target Audience

• Directors
• Retailers
• Start-up Founders

Learning Outcomes

• How to collect business data
• Interpret business data through analytics
• Data-driven decision-making process

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Loh is a graduate of University of Technology, Malaysia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Physics. He also holds an MBA from Southern Illinois University, USA and received Ph.D from University of South Australia.

Dr. Loh possesses more than two decades of extensive experience in management, consulting, sales and customer services in both Asia Pacific and Europe for a few large US multi-national companies. He had been rated consistently as a significant high performer and received numerous leadership awards for his contributions.

Dr. Loh also has been lecturing with several UK universities in the areas of supply chain management, strategic management and quantitative analysis. He has also published his research and peer reviewed journals with University of Sydney.

Dr. Loh’s specialization is in service value chain management with a focus on elevated levels of service delivery, customer behaviour, decision making science and cost optimization.

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