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HR Series: Diversity Management - Why it matters!  

Event Category: SME Centre Collaborated Event
Event Title: HR Series: Diversity Management - Why it matters!
Presenter: HR Experts Mr Chung Fook-Mun & Mr Mohamad Ibrahim Shaik Dawood and SME Centre@SICCI Business Advisors
Venue: SICCI Building, Seminar Room, Level 2
Address: 31 Stanley Street SICCI Building Singapore (068740)
Date and Time: 24 August 2017 (02:30 PM to 05:30 PM)
Duration: 3 hours

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14 August 2017
HR Series: Diversity Management -
Why it matters!

24 August | 2.30pm to 5.30pm | SICCI Building, S(068740)


Segment 1 :
Singapore has become more socially diverse in recent years and much of this has come about because the country has positioned itself at the intersection of global attraction.

When a company has different people from different countries and age groups communicating and working together, it is important to understand how the different cultures and generation may see each other and to be aware of the “cultural minefield” that may exist within an organization.

Diversity management is an important area for companies to focus on.

In this interactive workshop, it will help SMEs understand the importance of diversity management when attracting and retaining emploiyees. If managed well, it also helps in promoting innovation.

Two key aspects of diversity will be covered:
1) Cultural Diversity
2) Multi-Age & Generation Diversity

Segment 2:
We would like to invite you to join us for a HR Group-based Diagnostics where we will use a framework to assess your company’s HR gaps and share a Learning & Development template which will develop an individual needs analysis.

Target Audience

• Start-up Founders
• SME Owners
• HR Executives

Learning Outcomes

• Importance of Diversity Management
• Explore two key areas of diversity
• Impact of good diversity practice
• Apply small steps to improve & promote diversity
• Know the Learning & Development Framework

Speakers Profiles

Expert Speakers

Mr Chung Fook-Mun has more than 25 years of HR consulting and operational experience in Asia. He has held key leadership roles in the set-up, transition and transformation of businesses, including human resource management for global sales, start-up initiatives and implementation for human resource practices in China and other Asian cities. Fook Mun has a good knowledge of how businesses operate in the region and possesses insights into the diverse cultural values and impacts on businesses. Other than Singapore, Fook Mun has worked and lived in the United States and China

Mr Mohamad Ibrahim Shaik Dawood has more than 30 year’s corporate experience, covering functions as diversified as human resources, operations, business planning and sourcing. Ibrahim holds a Master of Human Resource Management from Curtin University of Technology Business School, Australia. He supported the integration of entities with diverse culture. Ibrahim has dedicated much of his career supporting individuals and organizations in their growth, with a particular focus on leadership in a multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce. He believes strongly in the development of human resources as one of the key resources of an organization. He has worked and lived in the USA, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore.

Business Advisors

Ms Karapgam JyahRaman and Ms Kameshwari Jayapragas are Business Advisors at SME Centre@SICCI. They advise SMEs on government assistance schemes and have delivered HR workshops and group-based diagnostics.

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