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A*Star Sharing on Digital Tools for Productivity: SIMTech wfMOBILE™  

Event Category: SME Centre Collaborated Event
Event Title: A*Star Sharing on Digital Tools for Productivity: SIMTech wfMOBILE™
Presenter: Dr Justin Lim, Deputy Director of the Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC) at the SIMTech, A*Star.
Venue: Seminar Room
Address: 31 Stanley Street, SICCI Building, Singapore 068740
Date and Time: 31 August 2017 (03:00 PM to 05:00 PM)
Duration: 2 hours

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24 August 2017
A*Star Sharing on Digital Tools for Productivity: SIMTech wfMOBILE™

31 August | 3pm to 5pm | SICCI Building, S(068740)


SMEs today are under pressure to transform digitally to continue to remain competitive in a difficult business climate. Many SMEs today still rely on paper based systems to record and transmit information from one party to another and this often leads to issues of mistakes, miscommunication and overall low productivity.

Additionally, SMEs may find it difficult to choose and decide on the right tools that are able to meet their needs, with IT systems often being costly, complicated and lacking customisation options. Furthermore, most SMEs do not have the level of in-house ICT skills necessary to maintain a complicated IT system.

Hence, SIMTech’s wfMOBILE™ system was developed to help SMEs digitise some of their work processes. As a system with built-in configuration capabilities to capture various forms of information, various types of workflows may be designed to meet the needs of the company with no programming. The benefits that the company may gain is reduced use of paper, shorter process cycle times and better visibility of work processes.

Target Audience

• SME Managers
• Key Employees
• Sales Staff

Learning Outcomes

• Low-cost generic mobile workflow applications
• Real-time tracking of activities allow better visibility of activities onsite and offsite
• Configurable wfMOBILE™ system for many common business scenarios
• Data collected may be used for further analysis for productivity improvement

Speakers Profiles

Dr Justin Lim is the inventor of wfMOBILE ™ which is a low cost mobile application that enable mobile workflows to be configured and operational on mobile devices. He is currently a Deputy Director in the Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC) at the SIMTech, A*Star. MPTC promotes the use of technology to enhance manufacturing productivity by improving efficiency and effectiveness through process and technology innovation.

Dr Lim has extensive experience in the semiconductor industry in various senior IT management positions, and had served as CIO of several large MNCs. He had successfully driven the global consolidation and standardization of the IT Business processes, applications, and IT infrastructure. He had vast experience in ERP implementation, Strategic Planning and Visioning, IT Operations and Applications Management, Supply Chain Management, and IT outsourcing. He is especially interested in the effective adoption of systems technologies like clouds, mobility, analytics and social by enterprises for productivity improvement

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