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Equity Financing  



The available equity financing assistance for your company:

SPRING Start-Up Enterprise Development Scheme (SPRING SEEDS)



SPRING Start-Up Enterprise Development Scheme (SPRING SEEDS)


It is an equity-based co-financing option for Singapore-based start-ups with innovative products and/or processes with intellectual content and strong growth potential across international markets.


How does it work?

Interested start-ups must:

  1. be a Singapore-based company with core activities carried out in Singapore
  2. be incorporated as a Private Limited company for less than five years
  3. have paid-up capital of at least $50,000, but not more than $1 million
  4. be able to evidence substantial innovative and intellectual content for its products and/or services and/or applications
  5. have high growth potential with clear scalability for the international market
  6. have identified a ready, independent third-party investor(s)

Investment Quantum

  1. For approved deals by the SPRING SEEDS Investment Panel, it matches the sum invested by third-party investor(s) dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum of $1 million where the first round of investment is usually limited to $300,000

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Success Stories

Company Name:

Berrylite Frozen Yogurt

Company Profile:

Berrylite is a 100% Fat-Free American Premium Frozen Yogurt, which is REAL frozen yogurt packed with billions of live and active cultures.

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